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Frequently asked questions

A. Future Bora introduction

1. How many organizations will receive grant funding from the Future Bora Initiative?

The Future Bora Initiative will provide support to up to three organizations that have high potential interventions. Each of the selected organizations will receive grant funding of KSH 40 million disbursed in milestone-based tranches and capacity-building support.

2. Can our organization apply to the Future Bora Initiative?

Interested organizations can refer to the Criteria page to evaluate if the organization is eligible to apply for the challenge. 

3. My organization has multiple interventions that expand economic opportunities for vulnerable and under-served Kenyan youth. Can we submit multiple applications?

While multiple applications are allowed, we will suggest applying only for the most promising intervention that is aligned to the objectives of the Future Bora Initiative

4. For the target beneficiary category, youth from vulnerable and marginalized communities, which communities are considered as vulnerable and marginalized?

As defined by the Government of Kenya, youth from the following counties will be considered as youth from vulnerable and marginalized communities: Lamu, Isiolo, Garissa, Turkana, Mandera, Samburu, Kilifi, Taita Taveta, Kwale, West Pokot, Tana River, Marsabit, Wajir and Narok.

5. Should the organization's intervention be for a specific duration?

No, there is no restriction on the duration of the intervention. 

B. Process & timelines

1. How do I apply to the Future Bora Initiative

Please submit your application using this online application form. Applications for the  challenge will be accepted until 15th December 2020 11:59 PM EAT. 

2. How long will it take to complete and submit this application?

With prepared responses, we anticipate that the application submission will take 30-40 minutes. We recommend reviewing the questions and preparing your responses in advance.  You can download a copy of the application form to prepare your responses. 

3. Can I send the completed application form by email or postal service? 

No, applications can be submitted only through the online application form on the website. Any applications that are sent via email or post will not be considered.

4. What are the timelines for submitting the application?

Interested organizations must apply before 15th December 2020 11:59 PM EAT. Shortlisted organizations will be announced in mid-January 2021. Those shortlisted will be invited to submit detailed proposals from mid-January 2021 to mid-February 2021.  

5. Can I edit my application post submission?

No changes will be allowed once the application has been submitted. Please ensure that you have reviewed all your responses before submitting the application.  

6. If I am not shortlisted or awarded, will we know why? 

No, the organizations that are not shortlisted or awarded will not receive any feedback. 

C. Review process

1. What happens once the application has been submitted?

All submitted applications will be reviewed by the managing firm, i.e. Intellecap and an independent judging panel. As required, the managing firm will conduct due diligence on the organizations. This due-diligence process will involve verification and validation of the submitted responses. This process will be accomplished through telephonic conversations and in-person visits as needed. Applicants may also be requested to provide additional documentation for verification.


2. Will details about our intervention and organization remain confidential? 

Yes, all details of the application will remain confidential. To ensure that information related to the intervention and organization remains confidential, all members of the judging panel will sign a non-disclosure agreement.


3. When will we know that our intervention has been shortlisted?

​Shortlisted applicants will receive communication in mid-January 2021.

D. Grant terms & conditions

1. What are the benefits for Future Bora winners?

Through this initiative, three winning organizations will be selected. Each of the selected organizations will receive grant funding of KSH 40 million disbursed in milestone-based tranches and capacity-building support.


2. Is the award a loan or a grant?

The funding is a non-repayable grant that will be disbursed in milestone-based tranches.

3. If awarded, when will the winning organization receive the grant funds?  

The grant funds are milestone-based. It will be provided to the winning organizations over a period of six months. The funds will be disbursed in three tranches. The first tranche will be disbursed on completion of due diligence by the managing firm, Intellecap.


4. Is the judging panel’s decision final?

The decision of the judging panel is final and binding. The judging panel reserves the right to disqualify an application if the information provided through the submitted application is incorrect, misrepresented, or not aligned to the objective of the Future Bora. 

5. Does the organization need to pay a fee to participate in the Future Bora Initiative?

Fee payment of any kind is not required to participate in the challenge.  

6. If awarded, how will the funds be disbursed?

The winning organizations will receive the grant funds in three tranches over a period of six months.  

E. Technical support

​1. I am unable to upload any documents related to the application. How do I resolve this?

Please reach out to us by filling up this Contact Us form. Please include all details related to the issue and we will help to resolve it. 

2. Can I save this application and complete it at a later date?

Yes, you will be able to save responses for the application and complete it at a later date. Please save the application form by clicking on the “Save” icon at the end and keeping a record of the generated link. Using this generated link, you can return to the in-progress application.  Please note that the application must be submitted before the deadline.

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